ESPN’s Streaming Service To Launch This Spring For Under 5 Bucks

Remember when Disney announced that ESPN was getting a standalone streaming service? Well, it’s launching soon (like, very soon).

Disney CEO Bob Iger sat down with CNBC on Tuesday, revealing that the service will become available starting this spring. How much will it cost you? Just a measly $4.99 per month. Not bad, right?

Thoughtfully named ESPN Plus, the new service will roll out alongside a relaunch of the current ESPN app. “Sometime this spring, we’re going to launch a completely revised and basically redesigned ESPN app,” Iger told CNBC. “That one app will have three primary features to it,” he added.

Through ESPN Plus, there will be an array of live programming that isn’t available on the network’s current channels. Sorta like Netflix Originals. However, don’t think this is an escape route from your cable bill. Accessing streamed ESPN content such as live games will still require a cable subscription.

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